Coming out of the fashion industry to be a full-time mom to two boys, Nucci’s innate artistic talent and love of nature came to the fore expressing this through pencil and paint.

Her field experience and keen observation skills enables her to portray realism and character in her artwork.

She is in constant pursuit of reference material, be it visual or intellectual, to construct a richer reality or to express the vibrancy of light and how it plays on emotion.

Nucci’s journey has taken her into exploring different mediums ranging from oils, acrylics, hot irons and working on surfaces spanning canvas, leather, wood, murals on walls as well as wildlife book illustrations.

Her artwork has been sold to many private collectors both locally and internationally.

Nucci is passionate about nature conservation and feels privileged to support wildlife through her art.

10% of sales are directed to Elephants Alive!

Elephants Alive’s mission is to ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats and to promote harmonious co-existence between elephants and people.

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